Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I do with an Anthropology catalog

Catalogs are always fun to flip through, especially ones as colorful and well produced as Anthropology. What is even more fun is cutting them apart and turning them into something else!

After an exciting and exhausting weekend away, I settled down on my couch to relax and play with paper. What really sets this catalog apart from others is the great details and quirks that Anthrolopy puts into each photo. Little deer are hidden under a bed, a cool vase is set in the shadows of bookshelf, among many other treasures. What's more, the textures and colors of their goods are rich and interesting on their own. There was so much content I decided to cover both sides of an old notebook. That said, I did need to go to a different magazine for a couple of images to round out my design. While I used decoupage glue to hold the paper onto the slick notebook cover, I decided I wanted to leave the collage mat rather than lacquer it with coats of decoupage on top as well. I also added some fun sayings I've collected off of Yogi Tea bags. Here is my new notebook! Can anyone figure out which three images are not from the "Anthro" catalog?

The front cover.

The back cover.

Inside the front cover.

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