Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decoupage: A New Frontier

I have always loved to collage. It's one of those arts and crafts activities that is so easy, but can turn out looking really good. You've just got to find the right balance of images and textures.

Recently, I decided to take my collaging to the next level and I got some decoupage glue. The cool part about decoupage is that you can collage onto anything. Glass, cardboard, wood- it all works!

The idea of this box was born from an abundance of bridal magazines and bobby pins. I cut out my favorite flowers from the magazines and used them to decorate this small box. Now I have a pretty container for the pins (which were previously all over the house) and I put those magazines to good use!

I also have lots of cooking magazines, so keep your eyes open for vegetable covered picture frames and other fun creations.

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