Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Things Tuesday

1. "Warm up to the week" runs
Often, after I fall into a slump with my running, I it's hard to just get up and do a long, timed run. So, I use a "warm up to the week" run to get myself going again. It's a light, easy run with the singular goal of feeling good. I've found it's a positive way to kick off a new week. The theory is: starting with a good run will help keep me motivated as I face more challenging runs during the week. These warm up runs are just two or three miles long, but I come back feeling more up-beat and confident.

2. Running in the rain
Yesterday, I was coming off a weekend of no running, I was tired, and it was raining. I decided a warm up to the week was needed. Standing in the doorway and looking out at the rain, it was hard to believe that a run would really help at all. Once I stepped through the door, though, I was reminded of all the perks of running in the rain. The air felt clear, I didn't get too hot, and the neighborhood was quiet. It was very refreshing to jog along at my own pace and take in the ultimate calmness of a spring rain.

Image from http://www.rocbike.com/tag/rain/

3. It worked!
After yesterday's warm up, I felt rearing and ready for my 5 mile run. The goal was 5 miles in less than 47 minutes and 30 seconds. I completed the run in 45 minutes and 40 seconds; goal accomplished!

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  1. Girl, your "warm up run" is my long run :)
    good job!