Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Running with Music

When it comes to running with music, I go through phases. For a while I couldn't get through a run without a good beat keeping me going. When I trained for my first race, though, I was told I couldn't listen to music during the race. Apparently its a safety thing. So I weaned myself off the iPod and found others ways to motivate and entertain myself. When I showed up at the race everyone had their headphones on! Apparently, the rule only matter if you expect to win the race (clearly, not me!).

So now I'm left with the question: music or no music? On one hand my quiet runs are relaxing and give me time to think. On the other hand, the music helps pump me up and keep me entertained. For my most recent 8 mile run, I tried using music as a mid-run pick-me-up. At mile 5 I put in the earbuds and listened to some Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cake. It seemed to help me keep me going, but I didn't see any big change in my average pace.

Do you listen to music while running or working out? Does it help? What do you listen to?

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