Friday, February 11, 2011

First Time Potter: Glazing

I have always loved pottery- whether its a raku tea bowl or the thrift store mugs I drank wine out of in college. For me, pottery is the ultimate combination of function and art. After years of admiring and collecting pottery, I finally decided to give it a try. My fiance and I starting taking a class about a month ago.

It's hard, but a lot of fun. The three hours we spend a week at the studio fly by. I've mostly been making small items like mugs and bowls, but I have tried larger pieces too. It's fun to use my hands, problem solve and think creatively. The photo is of a vase I made. It was going to be a mug but got away from me and I thought it would be fun to square the top. This photo is from the day we learned how to glaze. I'll post a photo of it after the kiln firing too to compare the difference in color.

The process of glazing was different than I had expected. I guess I imagined it to be more like painting- you put a color in one spot and it stays like that. Glazing turns out to be more of a science experiment than a controlled painting. We estimated what the glazes will look like on our pieces and went from there. Plus, glazes react to each other; they are chemicals after all. So you don't know what that reaction will look like. I'm really excited to see what changes will happen in the kiln!


  1. ooh cool! i've been taking classes for a year and a half so far--here are some of my creations + succulents:

    It's definitely challenging but very rewarding as well!

  2. They are really nice! Thanks for sharing :) All of the pots are so even and centered!